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What is Word Counter?

A word counter is a tool that helps you count the number of words and characters in a document. The online tool also works as a sentence counter and calculates the number of sentences, phrases, and paragraphs in a copy as well. It also works as a character counter tool giving you the total number of characters, including punctuation marks, numbers, symbols, etc. So doing it helps you stay within the character limit of your content. Character count is different from letter count, and one of its most important use cases is for SEO purposes. No matter if you're a digital marketer or a social media manager, it comes in handy when you're writing a page title, a meta description, or any social media post.

For those concerned about the reading time or speaking time for the text you're working on, the tool will also offer you that. Other count statistics related to your content (like average sentence length or average post display length) can be easily calculated based on what it shows. It is also capable of calculating the frequency of a particular word in a document in real-time. For example, the frequency of the word 'word' in this document is 7.22%.

Online Word Counter vs. Word Processors

The job of online word counter tools is similar to that of a word processor. However, word processors are great for writing your articles but do not provide adequate measures to optimize your writing. Word counter has a word frequency counter that helps you measure your article's primary keywords and how to use them better. It also has a sentence counter that lets you understand whether your piece has the correct number of sentences for its length.

For example, if a 1000-word article doesn't have many sentences, the reading can be very complicated and challenging for the audience to understand.

Word Count in Word and Office Suite

The word count offered by Word and Office Suite counts the number of words in your document. It also counts pages, paragraphs, lines, and characters. This essay word counter offered by Word checks the document thoroughly and gives you the number of characters with and without spaces as well. You can check the number of words in your essay on the status bar of your document.

However, the status bar shows the number of words in the entire document. To check the number of words in some lines or paragraphs, you can select them and check the status bar. If you click on the status bar, you will also get information about the lines, paragraphs, and characters.

Word Count in PDF Document

Unlike Word or Office Suite, a PDF document doesn't display the number of words in the status bar. It also doesn't have a menu that lets you see the word count in the PDF files. Therefore, one of the options is to convert the file into a Rich Text Format (RTF) and then count its words.

Another option is to upload the file onto an online word count calculator and calculate the number of words in the document.

Word Count in Google Docs

Google Docs also doesn't have a status bar that shows the number of words in the Google documents. However, you can click on the Tools tab in the Menu bar, under which you will find the word count option. It also allows you to choose the option to show word count all the time while you're writing your article. Unlike the word count checker tool, Google Docs only counts the number of pages, words, characters, and characters without spaces in the document. It doesn't tell you other count metrics like word frequency or the number of sentences.

How to Use the Word Count Tool - Step by Step Guide

The word count tool is an easy online helper that helps you check the number of words in your document and the frequency of specific keywords in them. Here's how you can use the Word Count Tool online to improve your writing productivity.


Open the webpage of the online word count tool.


The page has a text input box to start typing your essay or paste the text from a document on your computer.


Once you have pasted the content or have typed it up in the input box, the count box will display word count, char count, and other count metrics. There is no need to click any count button; the count feature works automatically as you type in or paste your text in the input box. It also has an auto-save feature.


You will also get a short analysis of content consisting of the frequency of all the words in your document. This is useful when you write content for SEO. You will also be able to check the number of sentences and paragraphs or the average reading time of your text.


Finally, you can export the list of the words in .txt or.csv format.

The Word Counter is a helpful tool to make your documents ready to be put up online. Not only do they help you stay under your word limit, but they also help you find the right keywords for your document and use them wisely.